Resist's 2019 Annual Report

Dear Resister, 

At the heart of Resist is the idea of supporting frontline groups at the margins who are resisting powerful systems that dehumanize us all and are reimagining alternatives that get us closer to a world where we can all thrive. In 2019, yet again we witnessed incredible feats by organized communities across the country despite this administration's efforts to obstruct them. With your support, our grantees have led the path to liberation with spirit, creativity, love, and joy. They are making the impossible POSSIBLE. It is what this community does and has done for more than five decades.

In our Annual Report, you will read about our grantees' wins and how we moved $813,836 to the frontlines of the movement for justice and liberation. Thanks to the support and generosity of our donors, not only were we able to support the largest number of grantees, but also award the most money we've ever given in our 52-year history. Collectively, we were able to help sustain the work of 223 grassroots groups resisting, reimagining, and building resilience in communities across the country. 

Click here to read our 2019 Annual Report.