Yani Burgos

Co-Director, Resource Redistribution

After being introduced to community organizing as a teenager, Yani has committed her life to community-led social change. Through her work, she explores how might different communities work together to build power, particularly among folks of color and LGBTQ+ communities. Yani loves finding innovative ways to use a slow cooker, chanting on the beach at sunrise, and searching for the latest and greatest in sneaker fashion trends.

Salary: 35 hrs per week ($56,875)

Kendra Hicks

Clerk, 2018-2020 and Co-director Radical Philanthropy

Kendra Hicks is a first-generation negra from the Dominican Republic, a mother, wife, and installation artist from Roxbury, MA.

Anchored by a commitment to bring the margins to the center, Kendra supports organizations in building the culture, structures, and strategies necessary to interrogate white supremacy's impact on their work. In her current role as the Director of Radical Philanthropy at the Resist Foundation Kendra is using her head, heart, and hands to explore how foundations, as a part of the non-profit industrial complex, can be more accountable, emergent and responsive. Pushing them to use their imaginations and expand beyond the realms of possibility towards liberation.

Salary: 40 hrs per week ($79,008)

Seth Kirshenbaum

Co-director, Sustainability

Seth comes to Resist out of the youth justice movement in a relationship that goes back sixteen years.  He first received Resist funding as a founding member of Quilombo NYC, a group of educators and organizers seeking to create a free space in a slave society.  Both then and two times since (Beantown Society and Youth Justice and Power Union), Seth has experienced the difference Resist makes in seeding grassroots work for freedom and justice.  Because of this, he is deeply honored to serve as part of Resist’s team. When not “resisting”, you might find Seth filling his cup by playing with family, walking with friends, or organizing white folks as allies, accomplices, and partners in the struggle for freedom.

Salary: 30 hrs per week ($59,256)

Kathy Lebrón (Clerk)

Board Clerk 2020-Present & Co-director, Communications and Storytelling

Kathy Lebrón is a radical, anti-racist and culturally responsive maestra with a passion for design and communications. Born to a fearless Dominican immigrant mother, Kathy is committed to decolonizing the Dominican mind, amplifying the work of diasporic communities and folx who are most impacted by structural inequities, and making communications more transparent, accessible and engaging for said communities. Kathy loves getting down on the dance floor, traveling to new places, and building with dope POCs in the fight for justice and liberation. 

Salary: 40 hrs per week ($68,250)